Crab Legs – Health Beyond Appetite

Crab meat is abundant in a whole range of menus around the globe and in several types of cuisine. However, it is hardly just a palatable meal. Crab meat is abundant in necessary nutrients, minerals and fats required by the human body for healthy function.

In fact, there are so many health benefits associated with eating crab meat, and below are three of the most common:

Enhances Bone Health

Most of us are aware that calcium is a must for bone health. After calcium, the next most useful substance for bone health is phosphorous, a mineral typically found in the human body. Crab meat is abundant in phosphorous, which is required for the health of the bones and teeth. Thus, crab is a smart addition to the diet of any person who has a family background of osteoporosis and has a higher chance of developing it. Eating crab for its phosphorous is recommended, specifically if you wish to keep an active lifestyle while you become older.

Boosts Mental Functions

Crab meat is full of so many nutrients – think vitamin B2, omega-3 fatty acids and plenty more. Such substances are great for the brain and can enhance cognition and the general activities of your nervous system. Consuming crab even just once a week can be beneficial to your brain as it can already ease inflammation and reduce plaque.

Guards the Heart

Crab meat is full of omega-3 fatty acids, which can balance your cholesterol levels ease inflammation in the body, in turn regulating blood pressure and preventing ailments such as arterioslerosis. Ultimately, your risk of getting a heart attack or stroke is decreased.

Gets Rid of Inflammation

On top of omega-3 fatty acids, there are many other things in crab meat that can bring down or even completely eliminate inflammation in the human body. Eating more crabs allows you to avoid such health issues as arthritis and gout.

Strengthens the Immune System

Because crab meat has a lot of antioxidants, it helps make your immune system stronger. Selenium and riboflavin, two major minerals it contains, have been associated with stronger immune systems and protection against chronic diseases. The antioxidants in crab can also fight free radicals that can otherwise cause cell mutation.

Enhances Circulation

Crab meat has rich stores of in copper, a mineral that is typically overlooked yet provides so many benefits for the human body. For example, it helps in the absorption of iron in the stomach and in the production of red blood cells, keeping the blood well oxygenated all over the body. Finally, crab’s copper content allows cells to heal and regrow faster after an injury or illness.

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