How to Pick a Good E Book Platform

There are many digital publishing platforms these days that authors can choose from when planning to publish an e book. Over the past decade, e books have cropped up with significant force in markets where the main language is English, most especially in the US. So why is e book publishing extremely popular among self-publishers?

First and foremost, the cost of publishing an e book is only a tiny fraction of what traditional print publishing requires. Second, because the cost is lower, self-publishers also take less risk, which means they’re more willing to take a chance on their work. So if you’re a self-publishing author and your book flops, you need not worry about wasting a ton of money for nothing.

The third advantage offered by e book publishing is the rapid growth of the digital book industry. The third reason behind the popularity of e book publishing is the unstoppable growth of the digital book business. People in the US almost read e books as much as they read conventional books, for instance.

As an author, what do you consider when choosing the right e platform for your book:


There are so many e book publishers today, and the royalties you get from them obviously vary. In most cases though, the royalty percentage you receive will be based on retail price (this does not include taxes) minus the file delivery fee charged by your chosen e publisher. 99. Most self-published authors today price their work in this price range to get a higher share.


Some services have rules on pricing your book. For instance, new authors may not be allowed to offer their book for free, or they may not even be able to set their own price. In any case, you’ll want to avoid getting stuck in a scenario in which you’re not happy with the price and you can’t do anything about it.

File Format

With some platforms, you can get e book formatting services, but it’s not a requirement. But if you do decide to DIY, be careful as this job is usually not very simple, although you can choose from a wide variety of software.


Some services require exclusivity. If you have a small number of books, it may be wise to leave some available through open publishing while having others exclusive to your chosen publisher (be sure to pick a good one).


As you’ve likely seen, there are a lot of e book publishing companies these days. The largest sell all over the world using their websites and/or their affiliates’ websites. But certainly, there are smaller players as well, which may be just as worthy of being considered.

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