Some Tips to Consider When Choosing for the Right Tie for Men

There is this long pieceof cloth that is usually worn by men around their neck for decorative purposes, called a necktie or stropdassen in Dutch word, and this is usually knotted around the throat and rested under the shirt collar.

The different varieties of neckties are called ascot tie, bow tie, bolo tie, zipper tie, cravat and clip-on tie, and although generally unsized, they are available in the longer size. Some women sometimes wear them but not as often as men where this accessory is usually worn as part of the regular office attire or formal wear in some countries or cultures. People in the military, in school, waitstaff and other positions, would wear neckties as part of their uniforms, and others would choose to make this a part of their everyday clothing accessory. The traditional manner in wearing neckties is with the top shirt button fastened, and then the tie knot rested middle of the collar points.

It is actually challenging for men to try trying a tie and doing it perfectly for the first time. The colors and patterns of the tie are among the features you have to consider when you include it in your clothing outfit. Learning the proper etiquette on how to wear and when to use it is a smart way for men to start wearing this clothing accessory, especially there are several kinds of designs sold in the market nowadays.

Thus, here are some ideas on the things to consider when you pick the right tie for you and the manner in achieving it with less efforts.

Size matters in tie, and this is your first consideration, with the base on the lapel of your jacket, match the right collar and proper width of the tie. You can do this by having the width of the tie looking the same as the average width of the lapel which is 2 1/2 inches. Men with large body built can wear a slim lapel but first should make sure that the suit fits them well. Rule of thumb is that skinny ties are not to be worn for bigger body, while extra wide ties are not also suitable for slim men since this will not make them look bigger. For shorter men, it is advisable to wear a tie and lapel with a width of medium or narrow, since the height of the person is also an important feature to consider when wearing tie perfectly.

Another feature of the tie that men have to consider when matching it to the shirt is the fabric of the necktie. As an example, if you are wearing a chambray shirt, avoid wearing a shiny and silky tie over this type of shirt, and instead get a plain silk or silk knit.

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